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Earlier reports of a drug bust in Hearst, Ontario are not related the seizure of websites. Nobody else seemed to the the will or ability to track down and talk to him, and my concerns for the industry and the people I love who participate in it out weighed the enjoyment of my recent relative obscurity. The first call was to get his story of what happened to him, and the servers for Overgrow and Cannabis World, and to offer support, financial and otherwise. Since the searches were conducted, 272 orders have been intercepted by the police.Posted Tuesday, February 7th by Jodie Giesz-Ramsay: Did he take the money and run? The owner of Heaven's Stairway Seeds, Cannabis and has apparently dropped his websites and businesses, and has taken off with everything. No one has come forward with information about the websites. I am not 100% sure.......maybe about 75% sure till I hear R. )OP-RC will prepare a statement for you to post,and he may reguire a defense fund as all corprate and personal assets have been siezed! Well my role has been fulfilled ..to go back to whatever i was doing before.again...thanks for the trust..who knows? I was sure any calls were going to be monitored, but hey - it's not like my name has never been associated with cannabis seeds, eh. I had been in contact with a few friends and business acquaintances, and had passed the virtual hat around - to the tune of well over US,000 pledged to assist RC, with no strings attached. The amount of seeds seized during the searches could have made it possible to operate approximately 500 cannabis greenhouses of 400 plants each, which represent 42 million joints sold on the street.Cannabis Culture called the prison and found no one there under the name Richard Calrisian. Doing that business over the Internet may have given people a false sense of security, since the Internet allows people to feel ? In the marijuana growing community, the disappearance of Overgrow has made them rudely aware that Internet anonymity is an illusion. The offences were committed in Quebec, Canada, North America, the United Kingdom and elsewhere in the world between March 12, 1998 and January 31, 2006.The bail hearing should be on Monday, but it is unusual that a bail hearing has not yet been held. K....happy to be free after being locked up for well over a week..... First I reckon that he would have to ask his lawyer if he can recieve payment for his services from such a fund............ I asked if she knew where I could reach him to talk to him. For law enforcement, if there was no bust, they may still benefit from Baghdadlian? Growers all over the Internet were proclaiming that they were done ? Nine searches were carried out during the week of January 30, 2006 in order to gather evidence that criminal activities had been committed.You'll gain access to additional forums, file attachments, board customizations, encrypted private messages, and much more!

Please login or register to post messages and view our exclusive members-only content.RC told his provider to shut down the websites immediately. The other six accused acted as couriers and performed other duties for the company.Within hours, the police (it's unknown what kind of police) apparently entered the server site in Vancouver with a warrant and apprehended the hardware that housed the four web sites. Our server logs revealed their IP addresses and we were able to do a whois on them and find out where the hits were coming from.? Governments are investing huge amounts of money to monitor what? They are Geoffrey CHAN, 33, Maria Cristina CIVITILLO, 32, Natalie BAGHDADLIAN, 40, Manuel Bento FERNANDES, 45, Christopher ALMOND, 38, and Teresa RODRIGUES, 39.There has not been a peep in the media about this so there could be a reason why it was not advertised by LEO...... not to try and log on to Overgrow or Cannabisworld for now since most certainly the security of those sites has been compromised and if it comes back up without me first hearing from RC then it is NOT being run by him.....think about it! This could bring up some real security issues with many Overgrow/Cannabisworld members........warned guys and do what you need to do to make it safer for all of you......and cover if needs be........ Gypsy Nirvana Posted Friday Feb 3, 2006 by Marc Emery and Jodie Giesz-Ramsay: When the world's largest websites for cannabis growers and enthusiasts disappeared from the web on Monday, January 30, it was thought to be a server problem.As the week dragged on, tens of thousands of members, seed company sponsors, growers and fans worried there might be more than mere 'server' problems as Richard Calrisian (a pseudonym) had not made any statements in any web based media about any 'technical' problems.

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