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Although the proportion of time in which women were sexually active and unprotected by contraception increased—from 13% to 19% in Colombia and from 13% to 17% in Peru, the proportions protected by contraception also increased—from 3% to 18% in Colombia and from 4% to 8% in Peru.

Increased contraceptive protection in both countries was largely attributable to condom use, which increased by 20 percentage points in Columbia and 14 percentage points in Peru.

However, the proportion delivered before a union was formed increased in Peru—from 43% to 51%.

Examination of the proportion of premarital pregnancies ending in live birth that were wanted showed decreases in both countries during the study period—from 69% to 36% in Colombia and from 51% to 38% in Peru.

Of premarital pregnancies that resulted in live births, the proportion that were delivered after the woman married or began cohabiting decreased over the study period from 40% to 31% in Colombia and from 49% to 39% in Peru.

The educational attainment and locality of women in Peru remained stable: About 25% reported having less than a secondary education, and 70% living in a city.

Over the study period, the proportion of time in which women were sexually active increased: In 1985-1989, about 20% of Colombian and Peruvian woman-years were contributed by sexually experienced women, whereas by 1995-1999, the proportions had increased to 42% in Colombia and to 28% in Peru.

The conception rate among all single women increased over the study period, from 3.7 to 6.2 per 100 woman-years in Colombia and from 3.9 to 4.9 per 100 woman-years in Peru.

However, the rates among sexually active women decreased from 22.7 to 16.7 in Colombia and from 23.3 to 20.2 in Peru.

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