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You can read full instructions on fixing i Tunes errors here.Downloading and installing i Tunes 12.6.3 also stops i Tunes from asking the user to download any new versions, so if you want to stay on i Tunes 12.6.3 with the App Store, ringtones, and other features that are since removed from future versions, you can easily do so.Accessing the App Store, apps, or Tones in i Tunes 12.6.3 is basically the same as prior versions of i Tunes, here’s all that is necessary to get app management and the i OS App Store back in i Tunes again: If you connect an i Phone or i Pad to i Tunes 12.6.3 and select the device by clicking on the tiny little icon in the titlebar of the app, you’ll also have direct access to apps and tones on the device through i Tunes again as well.Note: if you are having a problem with the “i Tunes Library.itl” file after installing i Tunes 12.6.3, quit out of i Tunes and navigate to ~/Music/i Tunes/ and backup the i Tunes file by renaming it, then open Previous i Tunes Libraries/ and copy the most recent version of that i Tunes file into the ~/Music/i Tunes/ directory.Users who would like to have the i OS App Store functionality in i Tunes on their computers again should download and install the alternative i Tunes release.

Macs come with i Tunes installed, but if you use Windows or Linux, or need a different version than the one you have, you'll need to download i Tunes. You’re in luck, because Apple has released i Tunes 12.6.3, an alternative version of i Tunes that retains the ability to download and install i OS apps directly within the i Tunes application on a computer.App management via i Tunes was a popular feature that was removed from i Tunes 12.7 in favor of managing apps directly on i OS devices instead.You can download i Tunes 12.6.3 from the Apple support page, or using the direct download links below which point to the files directly on Apple servers: Choosing a direct download link will start the file download for i Tunes 12.6.3 immediately.The download is about 280 MB and can be installed like any other software onto a Mac or PC.

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