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DO I need to get the source files from Git Hub first and then it will work? - error 5 4.12.3 is missing from Epic Game launcher Are the downloaded files for games saved even when the progress is lost after restarting PC?Hi Rupy, I'm not sure if this will help, but I wonder if perhaps the 4.1 version is downloading but you didn't get a notification letting you know, if you haven't done already, have a look in the drop down selection for engine versions to see if the other version in that list is downloading, which would explain why your download might say Queued. WHY DOES MY EPIC LAUNCHER CRASH WHILE DOWNLOADING UPDATES I recently bought "Metro Exodus" is there something I'm suppose to do to get download for it?

If the old GUID stored in the transaction does not match the GUID in the publication, a conflict is detected.

One major reason is because we don't want to discourage folks from posting legitimate suggestions / reports / questions with fear of being mass downvoted (which has been happening a LOT).

So we now allow you to upvote what you like, or ignore what you don't.

So you've been up and running on Windows 10, and everything has been going great.

Then one day, you suddenly see a list of apps queued up in the Windows Store waiting to update and stuck in the "pending" state.

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