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As we wrote earlier this summer, based on its surging popularity among young people, rumors had been circulating for months that the company has been in the process of raising a huge round of outside financing or was busy looking for a big-figure exit.

Today, both of these remain untrue and, while the startup is still not sharing how much capital it has in its coffers, IAC is (and remains) its primary investor and stakeholder.

Since the beginning, the Tinder founders have been hesitant to refer to their product as a “dating app,” as their long-term plans involve expanding the growing network beyond dating.

With the stigmas that have traditionally come with “Internet dating,” this isn’t particularly surprising.

But, as a decidedly free app, the Tinder team has been experimenting with ways to allow big brands to connect with its droves of young users — a coveted demographic for many advertisers — and with ways to monetize.

While Rad tells us that its newest promotional deal does not in fact represent its current or future efforts to monetize, it does indicate potential roads the company could take to ramping up revenue generation.

As Variety and others have reported, the first brand (and TV network) to hook up with Tinder is USA, which launched a promo last night that’s targeted at younger generations ahead of the Season 3 premiere of its popular show, “Suits.” The Tinder CEO tells us that the company has had similar interest from a number of TV networks and brands, but they opted to go with USA and Suits because the network’s vision was the most closely aligned with their own — and because Rad himself is a fan of the show.

On the flip side, dudes under the age of 35 have traditionally been difficult to advertise to, and USA thinks that its promo with Tinder could help introduce its show to an audience it — and many other networks — are always trying to reach.

As to the promo itself, beginning last night, when Tinder users sign in to the app, they may find that one of the matches waiting for them is actually a character from “Suits.” When and if a user “likes” one of the characters, they’ll be given access to “exclusive content” from the show, which basically means sneak peeks, audio greetings and clips only available on the Tinder network.

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