Rob pattinson and kristen stewart dating confirmed Proxy online sex chat

And whether they did or not, you know the Twi-hards will be looking for any evidence that they’re making it up.

Keep in mind, this is a guy that is relentlessly stalked by the paparazzi, and who can’t go anywhere in LA without being followed.They have made it very clear that they are just friends.She is in a relationship with someone else and Rob is not interested in having a girlfriend right now.Kristen has a boyfriend i fink Kristen and her bf broke up ages ago rob and Kristen are officialy going on now guys there are so many rumors that say that Kristen and rob are dating but that doesnt mean their both said that their not cause Kristen is dating someone called come on guys give them a break if they say they're not dating then that means that they're not dating. (as of 9/20/09) Robert and Kristen are not going to have a baby, but they are madly in summary Kristen is not pregnent and Robert and Kristen ARE dating That is total The stories of Robert fathering Kristen Stewart's baby are completely false. S they are getting married so they obviosly were dating and rob only did Twilight to be with Kristen!!!

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