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This exonym is sometimes written with capital letter, to show that it designates an ethnic group.

The Council of Europe consider that 'Gypsy' or equivalent terms, as well as administrative terms such as 'Gens du Voyage' (referring in fact to an ethnic group but not acknowledging ethnic identification) are not in line with European recommendations.

The total number of Romani people is at least twice as high (several times as high according to high estimates).

Many Romani are native speakers of the dominant language in their country of residence or of mixed languages combining the dominant language with a dialect of Romani; those varieties are sometimes called Para-Romani. It has the variants dom and lom, related with the Sanskrit words dam-pati (lord of the house, husband), dama (to subdue), lom (hair), lomaka (hairy), loman, roman (hairy), romaça (man with beard and long hair).

The Romani population in the United States is estimated at more than one million.

Brazil has the second largest Romani population in the Americas, estimated at approximately 800,000 by the 2011 census.

They are ultimately derived from the Greek (Aigyptioi), meaning Egyptian, via Latin.

and 800,000 in Brazil, most of whose ancestors emigrated in the 19th century from Eastern Europe.

Brazil also includes a notable Romani community descended from people deported by the Portuguese Empire during the Portuguese Inquisition.

Romani is the feminine adjective, while Romano is the masculine adjective.

Some Romanies use Rom or Roma as an ethnic name, while others (such as the Sinti, or the Romanichal) do not use this term as a self-ascription for the entire ethnic group.

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