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She started moaning loudly as my thrusts grew faster.

Her juices were coating my cock and there was girl cream pouring from inside her.

Sliding his arms under her, he reached up and grabbed her shoulders, pulling her toward him as he rammed his cock deep. Again, Gary watched as Gen’s face twisted in erotic frenzy…Continue reading He pulled her roughly into his lap and she felt his hard cock pressing up against her bitten and swollen clit.

Instinctively she ground against him despite what she knew was to come.

I pulled her hair, made her scream into her pillow and said, “Be your daddy’s little whore…Continue reading Her tight seventeen year old vagina looked as if a hard cock would tear it apart, the fleshy pink looked so fragile.

With his middle finger Anthony intruded inside of his sister, Natalie moaned and sobbed at the same time. “You’ll take what I give you and beg for more.” With that he once again slammed his cock down my throat until his pubes nestled against my nose…Continue reading I felt his massive cock against my opening and closed my eyes waiting. I felt the head push past my lips and soon into my pussy. But he was so good at being careful for my first time. Continue reading“Come inside mommy baby and then you can cum inside mommy.

Dave whispered something to her and she suddenly came out with a mouthful of expletives “finger my whore cunt” was the mildest to say the least.

Or you're not expecting it and it's refreshing even though at first it's frightening. "Please be careful, I have to meet my family in an hour." This is a legitimate concern. " Sometimes, when the sex gets really rough, there's a fine line between hot, angry sex and pain.

As hot as rough sex is, it can you leave you looking like you were just mugged by a wolverine. Ideally, if the two of you are doing this in the first place, you like a little bit of both. "OK, where I draw the line." Everyone has their limit. And just because he was into getting scratched until you drew blood does not mean he's going to love getting bit. and I don't even think I care." If you want to make a sex omelette, you've got to break a couple of dicks.

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Her throat bulging with the cock of a man who held either side of her head in his hands… Dad always said that my juices taste delicious…Continue reading Occasionally I looked over at my son and was aroused even more at the sight of him laying there beating off beside us.

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