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To update the items, I currently have text fields for all of the fields.

Two of the fields are True/False and I want to put a Drop Down List in the table.

Grid View Row Event Args) Handles gv Configuration. A table is recording the information except their mark.

For instance,a gridview displays the information of the students in a class.

I've commented out the VB options that haven't worked and included them here as I've spent too long trying to figure it out. Looks like you are binding the grid in the Page Load. Please add the below code in Page Load before binding the grid..

If Not Is Post Back Then Bind the grid End If Do you wonder if your IT business is truly profitable or if you should raise your prices?

Add(New List Item("60", "60")) End Select If Not Is Nothing(ddl. I have an access database that has three tables: user table, shift table (describing the shifts available), and a schedule table (that stores shift by shift_id and user by user_id).

When I go to edit the column, the drop down list appears correctly.

There is a Gridview Control in the tmplate field of another Grid View Control.

I dont know how to wrie an event_handler ,specifically, for...

Here are my select and update queries from Sql Datasource1: ...

we should take the help of only gridview events 3) Drop Down List will be populated fom Table B: Actions taken: In page_load while binding the grid i m getting the error: Cannot perform '=' operation on System. I'm sure this is simple, and I'm making a simple mistake, but I'm hitting brick wall after several hours of trying to get it to work. " For the purposes of the exercise I have two tables: Widget and Widget Color, the latter is just a list of color IDs and colors for the purpose of providing a dynamic set of choices for the Drop Down List.

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