Single father dating single mother

I guess I just find it sad that societally we do assume the worst when it comes to men and fatherhood, especially in the cases of custody.

I do believe that over time proving that we can be and ARE great parents in our own right we can eradicate the stereotype. We need to own our fatherhood and show how marvelous we all are at being “just” a dad, and that makes us great fathers, too.

It just doesn’t happen unless the woman is a drug addict, a danger to your kids, or a mental patient.

You’ll be in the minority if you get more than every other weekend with your sons.

I bent over backward and gave up many things naively because I feared the worst.

I could see that this was a not just a case of me being overly sensitive to the plight of divorced dads with kids, but rather a perception that was widely held.

I turned to that savior of information, the internet.

Some were classified as “divorced dads” and did not make the cut to even be around her daughters.

I can empathize with her explanation because I was very choosy about who my kids would meet too. That doesn’t make her protective stance with her daughters wrong, just a different approach.

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My wife voiced how it wasn’t her intent to judge single fathers. Instead, she viewed it as a cautious measure when considering who she, as a single mother, chose to date.

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