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Command Parser first checks for syntax errors, then it generates query plan (or) find an existing plan query plan contains detail steps how query is going to execute.

Command parser checks whether a plan already exists in plan cache of buffer pool.

Once transaction is full committed it records the information that what type of data he is inserting, Number of pages affecting, what he is performing all these change related information will record in same sequential way in Log File.

Pages will stay some time in buffer for faster retrieval read and write operations from buffer will be very faster comparing to operations from MDF Data.

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Please note that the new version will take some time to replicate across all servers in the Microsoft download center.

Any transaction should process ACID properties then only changes more from LDF to MDF.

Consistency means a transaction never leaves database in half-finished state, whenever any change happen on parent object it should automatically reflect on dependent child object to ensure that database in a consistent state.

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Data Services (DS) requires SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence (BI) or Information Platform Services (IPS) for security capability.

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