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Stickam had live performances and shows by various celebrities like Cobra Starship, Lakesha Jones, and Black Veil Brides.

If you have never visited Stickam, click "Join" to create a Stickam account.

However, when you put it all together the site as a whole is pretty sweet, so check it out at

Chatting online has been popular since the internet began. Stickam was a live streaming site that was founded in 2005 but it closed down in 2013 for various reasons.

Many users build up a following, and those who subscribe to them are notified when the person who they subscribed to comes online, so that the subscribers can also come online and join the channel.

This leads to a lot of the same familiar faces showing up in the same channels, and helps foster a close-knit community, or maybe a bunch of close-knit micro-communities within the site.

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