Texts predating the bible

He spoke to Eve with the voice of a man so that she could understand.This whole event takes place in the garden of Eden.The Egyptian army followed on chariots, and all--including the Pharoah perished when God closed up the Red Sea to smite the Egyptians.Diving explorations of the Red Sea have found chariot wheels from this period, and petrified bones - probably of Egyptian soldiers.He is an avid researcher, exegete and lecturer and has been the guest on dozens of radio shows across the country. Inner a private Social Network unlike any other, for truth seekers. Mc Quate teaches members who built the Great Pyramids, what really happened in Eden, the importance of DNA is and where to find shrouded messages to it in the Bible, what ufo's and orbs are, where Solomon's temple is, what the Ark of the Covenant really was and where it is, what Planet X (Nibiru) is and what you need to know about it and much, Much more. Mcquate's papers and radio shows are one-of-a-kind and are not to be missed. Mcquate's New Book The Holy Grail And The Meaning Of YHWH And Learn About His Discovery Of The Holy Grail And Where It Is.Learn How The Clues To Solving This Ancient Riddle, Along With The True Meaning Of The Letters Y-H-W-H Have Been Hidden For Millennia And How There Is A Direct Connection To Your DNA!

He first forbid them to eat of the "tree of the knowledge of good and evil" (Genesis -17).

These characters give us further proof of the accuracy of the Old Testament account of creation.

When we combine these characters, we see the meaning of the second character for "devil": The devil was crafty, tricky, and secretive in his private approach to the person in the garden -- Eve (he didn’t try to talk to Adam as well).

Genesis 2:8-9 shows us that there were two significant trees side by side in the garden from which to choose.

The woman made a wrong choice as we are told in Genesis 3:6.

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