Too young for dating

But the strangest part of this epidemic of kids growing up too fast is that there are some parents who actually press these expectations on their kids from a very young age.

They take their elementary school kids on dates, help them buy presents for boyfriends and girlfriends, and dress them up like adults for dances.

They can understand (very innocently) that it's simply not something kids do, and that in no way ruins the innocence of their childhood.

In fact, I would argue that it helps to preserve childhood.

However, Miller finds that, at that age, the word dating means very different things to different people.

It might look like this: Kid: “What is marriage, Dad?

And it's definitely stressing out a bunch of kids who still want to be kids.

Do you mind if I pause to shake my confused fist at the scary world for a second?

" I never really knew it was up for debate, but I don't think kids should say they are dating when they're seven, or ten for that matter. Somewhere along the line kids have forgotten that they are supposed to be conscious that they are .

I know, I know - they're just pretending, and it's healthy to play house, and dating doesn't mean the same thing you think it means, and you're projecting, and yada, yada, yada. By middle school it can sometimes basically be the only topic of conversation.

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Teens are exposed to intimate relationships early on. I've heard people talk about doing 'it.' I've heard cases of people doing it in the school. Miller was joined on "The Early Show" Wednesday by Linda Fears, editor in chief of Family Circle magazine and, as well as Dr. You have to have had lots of conversations about this so they're aware of your expectations, your family values."While sex is one thing to be concerned about, Miller was also concerned about the ability of these kids to develop emotional relationships because of the frequency of hooking up and casual encounters.

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