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So we decided to setup this FAQ, with the help of Madden Assistant Producer Equipment Guru, the man in charge of the official Madden roster updates.

This official Madden roster update FAQ will get updated as needed.

We're actually prepping a more final roster update that should be available on 8/11. Our current plan is to update rosters about every two weeks.

This could change based on major roster movement but expect us to drop rosters on an average of twice a month through the Super Bowl.

Will you be releasing a spreadsheet of weekly changes?Evening, There's been a lot of discussion around rosters and patches so i wanted to go ahead and post an update.Rosters For those that manged to get an early copy, you may have noticed that a roster update was recently made available.Patch Yes, I'm finally going to discuss the state and details of the patch. Yes we submitted a patch to MS and Sony about a week ago.They are currently going through certification and all indications point to them going live some time next week.

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Here's a sneak preview of what you might expect in future updates.

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