Updating symantec antivirus server

What you need: 1) Latest Certified Definitions from Symantec.Please download the latest certified definitions from Symantec website at: As a best practice, ensure that the SEPM is upgraded to the very latest release of SEP.

(Please see attached screenshot) I just find it strange that not all my workstations are affected.Step 6) Proxy Settings For environments with a corporate proxy, allow HTTP port 80 or FTP ports 20, 21 and port 443 connections to these hosts: liveupdate.liveupdate.update.Note that IP address obtained by DNS resolution, should not be used, as this may be subject to change due to system updates and load balancing.It is highly recommended that the provided hostnames are used.Open SEPM-If this process displays any errors like return code 4 or the liveupdate does not complete then follow this document to uninstall liveupdate and reinstall liveupdate and re-register SEPM with liveupdate: Regards, Pradeep Jhala Hi Pradeep Thank you for your post.As per my screenshot, I have done as you suggested. Is it safe to presume that I dont do the uninstall and reinstall of liveupdate then? Hopefully I will be able to get to the bottom of this quickly with your help.

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Monitor the system for a few days to ensure that updates are downloaded and installed properly.

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