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Now, Twitter allows "promoted tweets," which are paid ads.These generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for the company.Follow the below instructions to move your mobile phone number from one Twitter account to another Twitter account.Twitter was always meant for mobile, so the vast majority of Tweets originate from mobile devices.

For a while I was in the “I don’t care what you’re doing right now” camp, but have since discovered that it really is a great way to keep up on current events, find interesting people and keep in touch.

You can still participate in Twitter and have the relevant stuff go to your mobile device while the less critical stuff is waiting for you on your Twitter home page.

So fear not about turning on Device Updates on Twitter.

From there, the message goes to a short message service center (SMSC), which then sends the text to Twitter.

Twitter sends the message back out to the people in your network using the same process in reverse.

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