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Below is the risk categorization framework in the IMDRF Sa MD “Possible Framework for Risk Categorization and Corresponding Considerations” guidance.This framework is not intended to supersede FDA’s framework for medical device classifications but, rather it is intended to provide a framework for determining what type and how much data will be required to validate the performance of the device.Sa MD software uses an algorithm that operates on data input to produce an output intended for medical purposes, such as to treat, diagnose, drive clinical management, or inform clinical management.Mobile applications that meet this definition are considered Sa MD.As with previously issued Sa MD guidance documents, the Guidance is not intended to replace or conflict with existing premarket or postmarket regulatory requirements related to the regulatory classification of medical devices, and it does not provide recommendations for application to specific regulatory situations.

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These products include many functions that are regulated by FDA as medical devices.

The Guidance is intended to build on the previous three Sa MD guidance documents: “Software as a Medical Device (Sa MD): Key Definitions,” “Software as a Medical Device: Possible Framework for Risk Categorization and Corresponding Considerations” and “Software as a Medical Device (Sa MD): Application of Quality Management System,” all issued by the International Medical Device Regulators Forum (IMDRF).

Computer system validation checks the effectiveness and the efficiency with which the system is meeting the purpose for which it was designed.

Processes Needed for Computer System Validation CSV is dependent on the complexity of the project and can be largely broken down into the following processes: How is CSV Related to the Software Development Life Cycle?

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The CSV process is in fact created keeping in view the steps of the SDLC, and is roughly modelled as per an archaic model of the same.

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