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A client can be connected to one or more servers at the same time.

Several clients can communicate with one another, if the communication data is routed through the server and distributed by it to other clients.

The "server" software is a program with which the client communicates in order to obtain access to special services and to enable an exchange of data between two or more clients that have established a connection to the server. "Virtual server" refers to an entity within the Team Speak server software that in turn externally presents itself as a stand-alone server (cf. While the server software generally only runs once for each individual computer, the software offers the opportunity to allow one or more virtual server entities to run simultaneously.

In this manner the provider can make Team Speak server software available on a computer in the form of several virtual server entities that run simultaneously and thereby optimize utilization of available hardware resources.

d) You are obligated to provide Team Speak with information at all times concerning the circumstances that form the basis for your classification as "commercially active" in the sense of the criteria put forth above. "Server" refers to the Team Speak standard software that is installed on a computer (a "server" in the sense of hardware) and acts as a host.

This "server" computer is usually to be found in a computing center and rarely at the location of the end user.

This determines the number of slots and thereby how many end users can simultaneously connect to a virtual server and communicate with one another.

It seems to extract and recompress the whole archive.

The 11th user would be rejected by means of an error message.

As soon as the user disconnects from the server, this person's slot becomes open and is once again available for incoming connections.

To just copy the file in, you would use Create File From Entry, which is an extension method for Zip Archive.

Here is their example, it just writes text, but you could read in a file and write it out to your new file.

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The ATHP license is mandatory as soon as TS3 servers are offered in return for compensation or to obtain economic benefits of any kind (e.g. It is hereby expressly pointed out that the ATHP is not entitled to resell the license it has acquired (or parts thereof) to third parties. Annual Activation Licenses (AALs) are intended for "commercially active" clients (No.

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