Verizon updating evdo towers

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You really should ask these questions in this forum --»Wireless Users Chat .

Well I checked "Abingdon, Virginia" on the Sprint map, and the closest broadband coverage of any kind was all the way down in Bristol.

So you get MORE wit...(continues)The GSM roaming will be for overseas use and is limited to a couple phones at best at this point.

Ev DO on Sprint\VZ\Alltel has plenty enough of a base to start on a 4G upgrade plan. As usual, AT&T is trying to cover themselves as people, out from under the glow of the i Phone Reality Distortion Field, realize that...(continues)Thing is that VZ (and Alltel by proxy should the merger go through) has also announced that LTE will be their 4G upgrade path as well.Verizon and Vodafone (Largest Wireless Carrier in the World which owns half of Verizon Wireless)Says it should be all throught the US and Europe within 2015. There EVDO Rev A service covers 95% of the Service Area. so you get the SAME coverage in other countries with Verizon as you do AT&T. A LOT of people dont know that Verizon has CDMA/GSM phones.Does this necesarily mean I cannot connect to the Sprint EVDO network, or do EVDO/Wireless Broadband towers work differently than cell phone signals?Not a sprint answer, but Verizon uses the same technology. when yes your chances are good that you pick up EVDO.

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