Washington state laws on dating a minor

Stalking Protection Order (RCW 7.92) A civil order issued by the court on behalf of a victim of stalking.

It can require the person who stalked the victim to stay away from them, their home, school, work, or other places they go to frequently.

Your ability to file a "stand-alone" petition in civil court for a SAPO is not related to whether there is a criminal case against the perpetrator.

There are two types of civil Sexual Assault Protection Orders in Washington: Temporary SAPO.

Civil Law Under civil law, one person sues another person for a wrong.You are not asking the court to punish the perpetrator for committing a crime.You are not required to have reported the sexual assault to the police.If you are a "vulnerable adult," as defined by law, or cannot file due to age, disability, health, or inaccessibility, a person can petition for a SAPO on your behalf.A SAPO can be issued in two ways, (1) in connection with a criminal prosecution, or (2) through the civil legal system.

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