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Having similar interests and hobbies gives you a reason to be in contact and it keeps the conversations fun.Let’s say the new person at the office asks you for a drink after work.

(And most of important of all) how to make your relationship grow and thrive even when you’re apart from each other physically. The first golden rule in a long-distance relationship is that you need to communicate everything, even the smaller things that you wouldn’t normally even think to talk about.It might seem like a harmless office friendship to you, but to your significant other on the other side of the world, it could mean anything.Innocent or not, putting yourself in a potentially “dangerous” situation adds unnecessary stress to your relationship. This one may sound a little strange, but it can help to set up a specific night each week where you have a real date…on skype.As mentioned above, it’s important to keep in contact and let them know what you’re doing, but you need to live your life as well.Author Steven John has some great advice again: “I recommend only saying what you really mean and verbalizing everything you want your partner to know.

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So sit down and talk with your partner and set up your expected timeline.

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