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But right now, I just took a position with a company with Stephen Starr, the culinary director of Buddakan.mainstay Gail Simmons, while chefs like Wolfgang Puck and Hugh Acheson will round out the panel on a rotating basis. How important was it for you to come back and show everyone you've changed? [] One, I love to cook, and two, I love competition. I'm not an athlete because I'm 5-foot-5 and I'm flat-footed and my ankles are terrible. My owner says, "Dale, you have to eat out twice a week and tell me where you're eating, and it has to be food that's relevant to New York City." I have to take inspiration from that. You've been open about taking anger-management classes after Season 4. He saw me with my head down and he was like, "Dude, you've got to get your head up. A lot of it was trying to show people I'm a lot more mature this time around. Some people dig it and some are like, "You're kind of a jerk." When your mom is embarrassed of your behavior, it says something. [The show] really showed me in a great light and I appreciate that. Dale: You can't patent food, but you also can't straight-up tell people that you ripped this dude's dish off and you won ,000 and shove it in his face. Mike should've told [Richard], "You gave me some inspiration." To be honest, we all [get inspired]. If I could've been an athlete, I would've tried to, but I love to compete. You really see yourself in a different light when you're put in front of millions of people.

When Qui stepped outside at the request of his friend, the affidavit says, “he had blood all over his face, arms, legs" and his boxer shorts and tank top.

Fatigue at some point comes into this, and to be honest with you, it's luck. I'm not blaming this on anybody, but a lot of it is circumstance.

I don't ever want to put my parents in a position where they're embarrassed to see me.

Tom said you should've told them to wait, but wouldn't they have been mad about that?

We were going to cook à la minute with them, and they came on us a little faster than we thought.

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