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“The balance for us is that we are there to win games, but we are also probably going to be there once in our lifetimes so we want to enjoy the experience,” Cole said. Hopefully we’re not going to be quarantined and we can get out and see what’s going on because that’s part of the reason why we are there. But if you look at Japan’s history from the Shogunates, then it is an interesting place.

The boys have been working hard this week ahead of the first #Quilter Internationals Test against Wales this Sunday 🌹 . “You hear about Tokyo and it being 24/7, flat out, but then you have your Buddhist zen gardens and quiet places.

“We’ve had one with the ins and outs of travelling on public transport, greetings and all that type of stuff so we’re getting there.

(Fly-half) George Ford was good at bowing – he’s very respectful,” Cole said.

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“Seeing how this team has evolved since 2015 you want to see it through and be part of that because it’s a very good squad.

Rather than focus on his upcoming nuptials with Karen (Kelly Hutchinson), Warren begins shooting a documentary with his equally twisted friend Balance (Yang Miller), who we first see in the shower coming down from a massive peyote trip.

Warren's drug of choice is pot, which he smokes in an apple throughout the movie.

Don Peyote has been panned by the Los Angeles Times ("tedious, incoherent"), Hollywood Reporter ("a bad trip"), Indie Wire ("a complete miss") and the New York Times ("wooly and unfocused").

Even the positive reviews it's received call the film "incomprehensible" (Village Voice), "indulgent" (Paste), "frantic and disjointed" (We Are Movie Geeks), "not very funny" (Contact Music) and a "shabby piece of oddness" (Nerdist). But Fogler pulls it off because he really cares about the complex and confusing state of the world. Warren, his doppleganger, just can't move ahead until he has a few answers.

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