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He previously worked at a pet shop before working at Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

However, there is no information provided about his career as he only came into attention as the boyfriend of Jeffree Star He is an Instagram star with thousands of followers.

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She was born to the Canadian parents, Stephen Brownstein and Veronica Brownstein. There is no any information about her childhood life and early education.She has a net worth of million but her salary is not revealed yet.There are no rumors of her dating another man beside her marital relationship. She has never been criticized for her work and she has never been dragged in any controversies till now. Furthermore, there are no details regarding her body measurements.Jessica Mulroney became more popular when she became the stylist of Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, the wife of Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.She and her sisters in laws co-founded a charity called , aiming to provide makeup to women living in shelters.

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