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At Wrestle Mania XXIV, Maria had a "Playboy Bunny Mania Lumberjack match".Santino interfered near the end of the match, pulling Maria off of a pin, and was punched by Jerry Lawler.Anthony Carelli is known for his humorous gimmick as Santino Marella, an Italian stereotype, often being involved in comedic segments, having several on-screen relationships with fellow wrestlers, as well as being crowned "Miss Wrestle Mania" at Wrestle Mania XXV disguised as "Santina Marella".His character won Carelli Wrestling Observer Newsletter's award for Best Gimmick in 20.Carelli won four championships in WWE before retiring from professional wrestling in 2014.Anthony Carelli was born in Mississauga, Ontario, to a family of Italian descent, and attended St Basil's Catholic Elementary School, and later Philip Pocock Catholic Secondary School.In 2005, Anthony Carelli (as Johnny Geo Basco) began training at Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), a developmental territory for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

He is the founder of Canadian martial arts and professional wrestling training facility Battle Arts Academy.

After the match (which Maria's team lost), he was clotheslined by guest "Master of Ceremonies", Snoop Dogg. Seven other women ganged up on him, and held his legs apart for Maria to headbutt his testicles and pin him. Marella and Carlito then feuded with Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes over the World Tag Team Championship.

During a title match between them, Roddy Piper distracted Marella, who was then pinned.

The unknown Marella scored a surprising upset, and won the WWE Intercontinental Championship with an assist from Bobby Lashley. Marella then began a gradual heel turn and became increasingly jealous of his girlfriend, Maria.

The next day, posted a profile on Marella, saying he was an Italian national who moved to Canada as a child and returned to his native country a few times each year to visit family. Over several weeks, they appeared together in a series of segments on Raw, including two "game show" skits, hosted by General Manager William Regal, which resulted in retired wrestler Ron Simmons winning a date with Maria, to Santino's dismay.

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