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Waking up at noon, I went immediately to my buddy's dorm and played several hours of Call of Duty and flirted with his girlfriend, something he hated so much it made him play worse.I then went to dinner alone at a nearby bar and then drove myself soberly out to the Blue Room.One of them mentioned the gangbang and I knew who they were.Taking the opportunity, I stepped into the group and introduced myself to a couple of them, recognizing one as my economics professor (I was confident that he didn't recognize me since they class had one hundred students and I sat in the very back corner), and informed them that I was Techie38.She eventually did, so he never got the chance, but now innocuous names like "The Blue Room" and "Pallasades Club," places that sounded like the many dance clubs my mom and stepdad went to all the time, took on a whole different meaning for me.

I had done this a thousand times before and never saw any porn sites or anything of interest.

I can't tell you how many times I thought about her words and masturbated in my room.

I actually skipped everyone of my classes that week just so I could dump my load in a sock.

I read through her post and found some very detailed explanations about the kinds of things she wanted and liked and noted that on more than one occasion, she wrote "Young, Hard Cocks." I had one of those.

It's a distant leap, going from thinking of your mom as sexy to thinking about joining a gangbang on her, but I had almost a whole week to think over the words that I had read.

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Spreading the ointment on myself Friday night, I found that my mom had responded to my last post and said that she liked what she was reading and would have a spot open for me if I wanted it.

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