Zodiac scorpio dating

She is highly reliant on the self which pleases her greatly because she does not want anyone to hold rule over her in any way.

Meanwhile, Pluto’s energies give that ultra-air of mystery to this lovely lady friend of yours.

But, she will see it as part of her regular health regime to enjoy the passions of another on a near regular basis.

In fact, the women under this sign are more sexually active than women under any other sign: Passion runs through their veins, and their fiery nature makes them a fierce lover.

Don’t let it surprise you if she dons on the attire of a dominatrix when you finally make it to the bedroom because once you are in her bedchamber, this hot seductress will make it more than clear who is the boss.

The Scorpio woman is an exotic temptress, but her personality goes well beyond her physical attractiveness and sexual attractions.

If you don’t meet up to her expectations, she might make you the victim of a broken heart.

You will find she has an amazing intellect, a sharp wit, and more than a keen understanding of the world around her.Want to know how this woman still is so unpredictable and mysterious?She is ruled by both Mars and Pluto simultaneously!She is in full control of who she allows in her reality, as her motto is “I DESIRE,” and she lives by it to the fullest.If she approves of you, then you can partake of her world, but you will be expected to tread lightly and not to overstep your boundaries.

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Mars is a planet so named after the god of war in the Roman pantheon, and these attributes to the fiery aspects of the Scorpio Woman.

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