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Over time family relations between her family of origin and her new family do improve.

After much feasting and being welcomed into her new home, the bride’s mother-in-law rubs butter fat on the skin of her new daughter-in-law at the end of the ceremony.

Once a couple has decided to move forward with marriage they are allowed to spend some nights together with the permission of the senior girls in the bride’s kraal i.e. She will be periodically examined to make sure that she is still a virgin, and if she loses her virginity, the groom-to-be or his family will be required to pay a fine and the wedding ceremony will be carried out immediately. The cattle serve as insurance in the event of his death OR if he rejects her or leaves her unjustly.

The cattle will be a source of financial support for her (and any children they may have had). bride price, also serves as a guarantee to the girl’s father that he (the groom/husband-to-be) will take care of his daughter.

With this in mind, director Cy Endfield and Stanley Baker, who played Lieutenant John Chard, set up a projector in order for them to watch a western, starring Gene Autry.When a Zulu girl is ready for marriage, her father will arrange a coming-out ceremony to introduce her to society and formally make her availability for marriage known. Once she gives her consent, the number of cattle that will be given to her father in exchange for her is negotiated.Nowadays, I don’t know how close to the historical Zulu traditions a Zulu wedding is but it is still fascinating to learn about how their ancestors did it. Beaded jewelry is the language of love in Zulu weddings.Cy Endfield's epic military marathon about the Battle of Rorke's Drift was actually shot 90 miles south-west of Rorke's Drift in the Royal Natal National Park in the Kwa Zulu Natal province of South Africa.It is an area far more mountainous and picturesque than the real site of the battle.

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